Clever consulting group provides Merchant Services

We handle merchant services differently than 98% of other providers!

Whether we like it or not, Payments is how we make our revenue as Business owners. More Specifically, over 92% of consumers use a debit and credit card for purchases. Business Owners have typically picked up the costs to accept credit cards.

5 Reasons to utilize our merchant services program

1.Clever Consulting Group owns their network to Mastercard and Visa! This means no middle man costs like you deal with if you go with your bank. (Banks don’t process credit cards)


2. Because we own the network- We Guarantee YOUR low rate for as long as your with us!

Direct MasterCard/Visa Provider

3. Non-Exclusive Equipment provider: Because we are non-exclusive, we may sure you have the best equipment based on your needs, not the limited choice provided from exclusive providers pushing their system. We work with reputable 5 star companies 

 Local and 24x7 service

4. Local Service- Need Help…we have a local office to help!

 Industry specific solutions and POS equipment 

5. We will grow with your you….need new equipment? adding a location? need advice on how to let the Point of Sale start bringing more customers? Want to take payments online?

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