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From packed nightclubs to hometown mom and pops, hospitality business owners of all types find Clever Consulting Group to be the solution they’ve been looking for.

Our Bundled Solutions include two or more of the following to not only keep you in business but help you Grow your restaurant by offering:

6 Out Of 10 restaurants fail within the first year of operation, and 8 out of 10 fail within the first 5 years…let’s work together so you don’t fall into this statistic.

Integrations with online delivery

Online ordering

Expand online and open the possibilities. 

There is no easier and more effective way to grow your customer base by as much as 30% overnight. The massive growth of online food ordering and delivery is critically important. Now is your chance to take part and profit from this huge shift in the restaurant business.

Social media management

As a restaurant owner or manager, you will want to pay close attention to your Yelp page. While Yelp can seem like a curse to business owners, it can actually serve as a huge boon. Use social media feedback as a means to take control of bad situations. Clever consulting group will manage your online reputation and social media presence!


We will help you with presentation of your menu by doing the following:

  • Grouping your most profitable items together.
  • Not using dollar signs.
  • Allowing your menu be a tour guide
  • Keeping your menus clean
  • Getting rid of worn or torn menus
  • Updating your menu and prices at least once a year.
  • Building your menu around popular items.
  • Making sure your staff is thoroughly trained and has memorized the menu.

Bring in New and Returning Clients

There are only a few ways to grow your revenues and you must bring in new clients or incentivize clients to come in more frequently.

Updated Point of Sale Equipment

Upgraded and fast Point of Sale equipment is critical for any Restaurant owner. Analyzing the reporting, lack of mistakes from staff, Checking Customers out, Managing Inventory, Keeping track of tabs, Time-Keeping, and much more are needed into today’s Restaurant.

We offer the best on the market and these are included in our restaurant packages so we help you choose the best one for your business, help you customize, setup, and train your staff on usage…

NCR Silver designs intuitive cloud-based technologies for merchants and franchisors. But it’s not about that. It’s about how these innovations save you time, offer an edge over competitors big and small, and provide measurable value in your life.

Get a Restaurant POS with WOW power

How do you take it to the next level? With tools and workflows that maximize your bottom line. Your restaurant can achieve new heights of efficiency and performance using the most advanced restaurant iPad point of sale system.

The future is NOW With the cutting-edge Rezku Point of Sale for restaurants, it’s now easier and more affordable than ever to step into the future of restaurant workflows.

  • Improve guest service
  • Eliminate needless work
  • Increase order accuracy
  • Enhance kitchen communication
  • Get food to guests faster
  • Speed up checkout

HotSauce™ Inventory Management

HotSauce™ Inventory Management is a value-added solution that helps you improve profitability by:

  • ontrolling food and liquor costs
  • real time inventory management
  • tracking margins and
  • Identifying theft and waste.
  • Looking for a powerful, yet easy to use employee scheduling solution?
  • Our employee scheduling tools provide the simplicity of a spreadsheet, the look of Gantt bar schedules, the speed of drag and drop, the power of labor and sales forecast data, and the intelligence of real-time business rule conflicts and overtime alerts in a single display window.
  • Send schedules via text messages or email
  • Spend less time on scheduling tasks
  • Set features that allow employees to swap shifts, change availability and request time off pending manager approval

Knowledge Is Power

Restaurant failure is often a direct result of insufficient knowledge. Restaurant owners have to keep track of endless, always-changing numbers: cash flow, hourly/daily/monthly sales, till in and out, payroll, stock levels, food costs, labor costs, menu prices….We could go on.

You can’t be expected to keep track of all this data on your own, which is where Lavu’s restaurant POS comes in: We will track everything for you. Our restaurant POS provides a totally comprehensive suite of information about your business, which you can check from anywhere with Internet access.

Top Efficiency

As a single-location restaurant, you may not yet have an economy of scale. Maintain top efficiency without sacrificing quality using Lavu’s mobile, high-speed operations.

Faster Orders and Tickets

Keeping things moving fast on the floor and in the kitchen. Servers can take orders on the iPad, and cooks can transform tickets into meals right away. Greater accuracy means fewer comps and discounts for inaccurate orders.

Labor Management

Quickly find out:

  • Exactly how many meals each server takes orders and payments for
  • Exactly when every staff member clocks in and clocks out
  • Exactly what your labor costs are by the hour
Quick-Access Sales Data

Never wonder how well you are doing. If you are underperforming, immediately find out why and how to fix it. If you are succeeding, discover how you can do even better.

Exceptional Customer Service

Customers will be grateful for the fast-paced, seamless service at your restaurant. There is no better way to build a loyal customer.

Give Yourself a Competitive Edge

Don’t be a lagger. Be a leader. Impress your customers with your cutting-edge technology.

Focus on the Food

Faster ordering + faster food prep = fresher food. Today’s diners demand the freshest in dishes and ingredients. By cutting back on kitchen prep time, Lavu allows you to offer the freshest in foods.

Clever Consulting will customize  packages to fit our Restaurant Owner. Call us today to schedule a no cost consultation so we can assist you in growing revenues and engage in better customer experiences.

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