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Advantages of online stores…

  • You are open to the world…
  • New Customers…
  • New sales options…
  • Lower costs
  • No schedules…
  • Customers want to see the product… 
  • The difficulty selling certain products online… 
  • Customer loyalty…

Online retailers can increase their sales and profits faster than a brick and mortar establishment because selling online offers advantage of being open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Selling online also allows retailers to sell their merchandise in any part of the world without additional expense. This means e-retailers can expand into global markets

While the small retail store on Main Street would never dream of competing with a national chain retailer, a mom-and-pop shop may find itself on a more level playing field with its big-box competitors.

People can find your brand and interact with it when you establish an online presence, including tapping into a whole new (potential) customer base. Much of online traffic is organic, meaning that if you build your e-store correctly, customers will find you without spending a dime. All you need is a robust Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platform to spread the news. Also, while traditional advertising is very costly.

Social media provides retailers with a wealth of information about their consumers that they could never get through traditional media.

Since social media is a two way interaction between the brand and the individual, retailers can quickly get an understanding of which of their products are favored by buyers, what features of the brand customers identify with and to be relate to them. Ways retailers can use social media Socially savvy retailers will track customer insights for this type of feedback and adjust their offering to reflect customer needs. Therefore people’s comments and likes on a brand’s social media platforms can dictate what the brand sells in the long term. If retailers are able to connect with consumers meaningfully on social media they increase their visibility with an audience that’s already inclined to buy or looking to buy products.

Finally social media can help retailers build brand awareness and extend the amount of time potential customers spend interacting, browsing and considering a brand by engaging them in conversations.

 By creating multiple online communities filled with entertaining and valuable information, interesting insights about the brand and an active fan base, retailers will ensure that visitors to their social media are converted to fans and eventually, if the social media strategy is being done well, to repeat customers.

 Pinterest is a platform that should be uppermost on retailers’ minds. It is the perfect place to display your product range, engage viewers through high quality images and give them free reign to browse and examine potential purchases.

As one of the largest social media networks in the world it is also a great source of referral traffic. Facebook is a great place to engage existing customers and offer sales and promotions. This is where social media can be a sales tool. Facebook advertising is a major benefit of the network as it allows you to direct traffic to either the brand’s Facebook page or to its actual website. The relatively new “offers” feature allows brands to offer special deals to their target audience while sponsored story ads make fan interactions with the brand page more visibly noticeable to the entire network of the fan. With a billion of people using Facebook worldwide the potential of this advertising is huge if it’s done right, especially for online retailers. Twitter can be used for customer service and to gain customer insights about your brand, certain products and their sentiment about products they have already purchased. Brands can also post images and videos on Twitter to add visual appeal for fans. Twitter Advanced Search is a useful function retailers can use to see what people are saying about their brand. How can retailers measure the effectiveness of social media strategies and campaigns?

Measurement is another crucial part of social media activity. It is as relevant for retailers as it is for any type of business using social media to reach out to target audiences. Measuring conversations and engagement with the brand – this involves tracking how many people are commenting, liking and sharing your content. If a brand generates lively discussions and active participation from fans this is a strong indication of brand affinity and trust. Setting your own benchmarks – once a retailer has developed their strategy or campaign they should remember to record their starting point. It will form the benchmark that they use to push off and go forward. Measuring click through rates – retailers can measure engagement and success of their content by finding out how many people are clicking on the links included. This is a good indicator of which content is working best and which is not working at all. Identifying traffic referral sources – it is easy to see how much impact social media is having on a retailer’s website traffic using Google Analytics. The tool can demonstrate where traffic came from, whether it’s from a link on Twitter, a post from Facebook or an image on Pinterest. By using social media platforms most appropriate to a product based offering, addressing the needs, wants and interests of customers online and making sure to reiterate social media efforts based on the results they bring in retailers can increase their share of market, build a strong brand voice and become the brand of choice for their customers.

Would you pull down your retail store and hope that customers would find you? Effective Search Engine Optimization Management is key to being found online!

SEO is not a one and done….it takes effective strategy as everyone is attempting to rank high online. Let Clever assist in now only putting up your sign but making you stand out to Google’s algorithms and other Search Engines.

Did you know that your Point of Sale should aid in your marketing, social media efforts, and SEO rankings while incentivizing your customers to do business? Ask your Clever Business Development Represetative on how we can guarantee you low rates for merchant services and create a program that will solidify new customers and loyal customers!


Finding success in reviving a unique experience.

The Lovato family in Mesa, Arizona, is giving the classic video game a revival with Rebellion Arcade. Rebellion Arcade operates a membership-based club named Starfighters Arcade. Its mission is simple: With titles ranging from Centipede to Spy Hunter, the business aims to promote, preserve and protect the vintage arcade gaming genre for new generations to enjoy.

So how does this arcade remain so relevant in a high-tech world?

The business is built on game collectors who believe that playing vintage games is only suitable if played in an arcade. “We pooled our collections and formed this social club to allow everyone a chance to relive the magic of classic gaming.”

They drive their popularity further by offering over 130 video games and 32 pinball machines that are free to play at any time for their members.

Making this business more about a community and membership has clearly been the reason for their huge success.

Go Starfighters Arcade!

You may be looking to expand your entertainment business to new heights. Or, you may just want more time to wow the guests you already serve. Either way, we believe in you. And we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals. Whether you’re hoping to keep good talent, increase customer loyalty

or make smarter decisions with better data, those are our goals, too.

Yeah, NCR Silver is an intuitive, cloud-based tablet point of sale and
business management solution. But it’s not about that. It’s about how NCR Silver saves you time, offers you an edge over competitors big and small, and provides measurable value in your life.

If you’re looking for technology that can drive business results—and real people invested in YOU—you’ve come to the right place. NCR Silver is backed by 130 years of experience. Plus, we’ll set your system up, help keep it optimized with monthly support, and offer live customer care, 24/7/365. Try getting that with a startup.

For anywhere you are, and anywhere you’re going, we’ll be right there with you. 


Employee management

Assign roles and track employee time with clock-in/clock-out. Employee portal empowers your team to manage shift changes, review schedules and more.

Email marketing

Engage customers and prospects with targeted and customized email campaigns integrated with your social media accounts.

Intuitive design

New employees get up to speed faster, saving you costs and improving staff retention.


Actionable insights

Analyze sales, employee and inventory data to make better decisions.


Inclusive taxes

Take the work out of tax calculations by setting up the amount owed in the back office.

Online store

Easily launch a branded website and start making sales even when you’re sleeping.


Hit the road

With an iPad or iPhone, you can take your point of sale with you anywhere you go. For those who are always on the go,

Customer loyalty

Easily create, run and manage reward programs. Loyalty fits seamlessly into the checkout process, automatically tracking rewards with each sale.

24/7 customer support

Rely on a customer care team that is there whenever you need help tackling a technology challenge to ensure your business stays up and running.

“86 list” automation

Set your quantity on hand to prevent employees from ordering something you’re out of.

Multi-store management

Track sales and manage information across multiple locations with consolidated or drilled down reporting.

Award-winning service

Let the NCR Silver Concierge team do the heavy lifting of setting up your system.

Flexible payments

Offer your cusotmers the payment options they want, whether it’s Apple Pay or Samsung Pay

Commerce for NCR Silver

Gives you the power to easily create a website and expand your sales outside your brick and mortar location and hours. Drive revenue 24/7/365.

NCR Silver Essentials

The original. Easy to use point of sale and business management. Great for all types of entertainment venues, stadiums, concert venues, zoos, etc.


Delivering the added benefits such as happy hour pricing, customized floor plans & house accounts valued by full service restaurants and pubs.

NCR Console

Advanced reporting plus enhanced employee management and inventory oversight at the ingredient level.



Are you expanding or looking for a system to complete your multi-site needs? With NCR Silver, you’ll have multi-site capabilities that allow you to see into the back office and manage each location at any time, from anywhere.

In the entertainment industry, we understand that events and special services require planning and precision, with NCR Silver you can track ticket and merchandise sales as well as see what concession items drive the most profit! And having integrated 5-day weather forecasting means you can plan staffing accordingly.

You’ll enjoy command and control anytime, from anywhere via your intuitive cloud- based dashboard.

Make promotion or pricing modifications on the fly, wherever you are, and that information will update to the site tablets within moments.

Your data, the way you want to see it. A summary of locations, a single location or even by a certain region, you get actionable insights at your fingertips— even if you’re not on site.

Save time and money onboarding new employees thanks to a point of sale system designed to leverage the tablet knowledge and skills new team members already possess.

Bring on new sites easily. Setting up a new site on your system is as easy as a phone call to establish a new site account, then just power up a tablet, log in, and you’re ready to go.


We want you to focus your valuable time where it counts the most—running your business. Simply send us a picture of your menu and dining room and our NCR Silver Concierge team will do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.


Because your role as a business owner never “sleeps,” neither does our

Customer Care team. Your team has backup no matter what time of day 24/7/365 Live support or night they need it.

Call, text, chat or email



Pulling, combining and distributing data

60 min 1 min 59 min



NCR Silver Quantum® commerce station

Clear the clutter and power your dreams with the all-in-one NCR Silver Quantum® commerce station.

Powered by NCR Silver, the commerce station delivers customer engagement and payment acceptance in one sleek, modern package.

iPad point of sale

Use an iPad with a stand or by itself for on-the-go mobility. Use your own iPad or purchase from NCR.

iPad & stand available in black or white



These are affordable but want a lower monthly cost? Ask your Business Development Manager how some of our clients pay little or nothing for our services…..Ask about our costs reduction program!

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